Slot Game Available Online Called Shields of the Wild

Slot Game Available Online Called Shields of the Wild

Numerous slot games, created by a variety of producers, each do an excellent job of recreating the atmosphere of the middle ages. Because there are so many different topics that might inspire software developers to build slots like these, it is only logical that online casinos would provide a large selection of such games. For example, NextGen’s Shields of the Wild depicts the conflict, which was one of the most regular occurrences during that historical period. [Citation needed] As a matter of fact, NextGen will demonstrate to you what a battleground looked like, and more specifically, the shields and swords that troops used to defend themselves from the adversaries, which is where the name of the slot machine comes from.

How to Play the Online Slot Game “Shields of the Wild”

The HTML5 programming language was used in the creation of the Shields of the Wild online slot machine, which means that it can be played on any device using a web browser. As a result, you may enjoy it at a wide variety of the best online casinos regardless of where you are since it can be played on your desktop computer as well as on any mobile device that utilizes the iOS or Android operating system. It will function faultlessly on any device, so wherever you are, all you need to do is open it and then continue to customize the parameters so that they are appropriate for you.

When the game is loaded, you will notice the play button on the right side of the transparent reels, along with a see-through circle that surrounds it and contains buttons labeled “coins” with plus and minus signs, a “autoplay” button, and a “three-bar” button. This is where you can adjust the game’s settings. You may set the number of autospins to 0, 10, 25, 50, or 100 by clicking or tapping on the autoplay button, which will bring up a menu with those options. If you click or press on the coin buttons labeled with a plus sign (+) and a minus sign (-), you will notice that the bet has increased or decreased accordingly.

You may really click or touch on the button with the three bars to see the many betting possibilities available to you. You will notice that the total amount that you may wager might range anywhere from 0.1 to 100 credits when a new window pops up. Because there is only room for one coin on each of the game’s 10 fixed paylines, the lowest possible coin value is 0.01 credits, and the most possible is 10 credits. You can also notice the autoplay button again, which is located to the left of the bet configuration box. Directly next to the autoplay button is where you’ll find the speaker button. To alter the volume of the noises in the game anywhere between 0 and 100, you will need to use this button. However, you may access the visual settings by clicking the button that is located to the right of the bet configuration box. You will notice that you may adjust the effects to be good, better, or best in this section. Additionally, you will see that you can alter the location of the play button to be in the center left or right of the screen, or in the bottom left or right of the screen.

And last but not least, you’ll come across the I button, which brings up the paytable. The first thing you will notice is the wild, which will be accompanied by a shield with the game’s insignia. A combination of five of a type will get you 250 coins from it. The sword against the red backdrop is the scatter, and although it won’t provide you a payout, it will play an important role in activating the bonus features and continuing to do so throughout them. The symbol for the upgrade, which is represented by a sword set against a blue backdrop and has a distinct function inside the slot game, although it does not provide any payouts. After that, you will see the standard symbols, which are the shields. You will get one hundred coins from the one depicting a lion, seventy-five coins from the one depicting a wolf, sixty coins from the one depicting a bear, and fifty coins from the one depicting a bull. And finally, you come across the shields that pay the least for 5-of-a-kind combos. The shield with silver details is worth 40 coins, the shield with bronze details and the orange gem in the middle is worth 30 coins, the shield with gold details is worth 25, and the shield with the blue gem in the middle is worth 20 coins. All of these shields have silver, bronze, or gold details.

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